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Our certified consultants help you on your way with all kinds of IT issues. Our consultants are specialized in Microsoft, AWS and IAM


Our architects help your company to get the most out of Your IT infrastructure and to apply it to your business processes. Accelerate, innovate and the right strategies.

(Managed) Security

Protect your company against the latest cyber attacks and data breaches. Manage data securely and compliant. We can also do this for you via our managed security serivces!

Managed Services

We can offer a wide range of IT services through our managed services. Think of server management, patch management but also management of your entire IT environment.

Managed (Security) services

Your systems are in safe hands with us

Classic managed service providers deal with the management of your systems on a daily basis. However, what is often forgotten is the security layer. At Maas Consultancy we have made this our specialty. In addition, we have developed a special approach for SMEs.

"The engineers at Maas Consultancy have great insights in the technical point of solutions they manage and excell in technical insights and future evolutions"

"People in most cases do not have the complete insights nor do they expect to have all the knowledge The consultants at Maas Consultancy have"

"At Maas Consultancy, people are always prepared. They are open to new developments. A lot of what needs to happen will happen. Communication, enthusiasm and enthusiasm for the solutions they offer."

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