SCCM + Software center: error message when updating

A while back when I tried to update my servers automatically, using SCCM and Software Center as tooling, I came accross serveral errors.
Allot of these errors don’t really state what the actualy problem is. So here is an overview of all the errors I encountered and what i did to resolve them;


I did the following to resolve the issues;

Solution 1
Net stop wuauserv
delete/rename \%windir%\SoftwareDistribution\Download
Net start quauserv

The download folder contains all updates downloaded to the client. By deleting the folder you can make sure your updates are not corrupted, as they are downloaded a new.

Solution 2
Make sure your servers have enough memory and free disk space available. Some of these error messages I got had to do with not enough free disk space or memory to use when updating.
Adding some memory or expanding the disk, easily resolved the issue.

Solution 3
Look at your maintenance windows and business windows. These can really be a pain in the ass, if you don’t understand them correctly.
There is a good post on this, by following this link;

Solution 4
There is actually a timeout setting that applies to the update you push towards your client. By default if a update takes longer as 10 minutes to complete is is timed out. This will cause the update to fail. To change this;

  • Go to sccm
  • open software library
  • go to software updates
  • select your software update group and open it, so you see all the updates it contains
  • select all the updates (ctrl+a)
  • right click and select properties
  • Edit the maximum run time settings to your specifications (for example 60 mins)

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